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Treatment Phases

Phase 1

  • Social Support and Description of 12 Step Program
  • Managing Moods
  • Life Skills - Time Management
  • Stress Management & Triggers
  • Triggers and Relapse Prevention
  • Nutrition and Sleep Hygiene
  • Physical Fitness Program
  • Brain Health
  • Brain Science – The Hijacked Brain
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Step 1 – Step 3 of 12 Step program

Phase 2

  • Interpersonal Boundaries
  • Family Relationships and Roles
  • Relationships in the Work Place
  • Goals
  • Physical Fitness Part II
  • Step 4 – Step 8 of 12 Step Program
  • Phase II Review

Phase 3

  • Giving Back – Sponsorship, Sharing
  • Co-occurring Disorders
  • Amends and Forgiveness
  • Family Restoration
  • Brain Wellness
  • Triggers and Relapse Prevention
  • Step 9 – Step 12 of the 12 Step Program

The modules within the Treatment phases are explained via two different methods:

  1. Power Point Presentation and
  2. Video and Downloadable Audio Presentation

There is a quiz that the client must complete following each presentation. That is followed by assignment(s) which must be completed and submitted as per the case manager’s advice.

The Case Manager communicates with the client and guides him/her through tasks during the course of the program highlighting what comes next; how the participant coped during a particular session;and keeping him/her on track in case any part of a session, quiz, etc. is missed if The Client- Case Manager communication is controlled by a Communicator section in the program portal, which helps in a complete Follow-up and Monitoring cycle in the T.E.A.M. program.

In addition , Sovereign Health also offers the opportunity to continue with cognitive rehabilitation curriculum via an Electronic Cognitive Assessment program and also play a series of stimulating games that improve thought processes and keep the client’s brain fit and healthy.

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